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Fadhili Africa Philosophies & Core Institutional Values

FADHILI AFRICA will be guided by the following core values and philosophies under the acronym ‘RESATI’ in its business mission and development efforts:-

  1. Respect
    Respect for distinctive skills, competence and contribution of each member of staff to organizational success. Dignity, worth and right of every human being irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, social status, religion, race, diversity of opinion. To respect the value of our clients, developments partners and recognize their critical contribution to our vision.
  2. Equal opportunity employer
    Equal opportunity for all and to excel in the given responsibility. To always maintain a gender balance in the organization and not discriminate on gender, race, creed, religion or marital status. To reward hard work and performance as per agreed performance contracts and performance indicators.
  3. Social justice
    To maintain fairness and equity in our relationships with each other with our stakeholders. To serve our clients with humility and modesty. To conserve our environment in whatever we do.
  4. Accountability and Transparency
    To maintain high levels of accountability and transparency in all our business aspects and in relation to one another. To be open with one another, to learn from our experiences and from one another, to be open minded and flexible so that we can respond appropriately to our understanding of the financial needs of the low-income communities we serve.
  5. Teamwork and hard work
    Lead and follow, each has a contribution to make, create an environment where everybody attains their potential, our belief “It’s the contribution of all of us together that will help FADHILI AFRICA achieve its vision, mission and goals”.
  6. Integrity and Honesty
    In everything we do, the way we use resources (time, financial, assets etc.).