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Fadhili Africa Goals & Strategic Objectives

The following are the broad goals of FADHILI AFRICA during the 8-years plan period;

  1. Promote the mobilization of savings among the Kenyan entrepreneurs;
  2. Provide appropriate financial products to micro and small entrepreneurs in Kenya;
  3. Provide business training to entrepreneurs through a cost-sharing arrangement and to develop their capabilities;
  4. Attain financial and institutional self-sufficiency;
  5. Increase clients’ outreach, household/business income and improve their asset base.

Strategic Objectives

The following are FADHILI AFRICA’s strategic objectives over the 5 –year (2012-17) plan period.

  1. Access financial services to a total of over 25,000 clients by 2018.
  2. Attain a nationwide outreach and coverage by 2018.
  3. To become a Deposit Taking MFI by 2018